I finally decided to make a game 0.0

I’ll reveal the story later on!

So this is the background for the first level:


Imma try and make the birds move in the game, dunno how yet tho x)

And the main character – Medusa:


Most likely she won’t look like this, it’s just one of the early sketches. It’s pretty sure she’ll have dreadlocks though and probably a snake hoodie O.O’


Wish me luuuuuuuckkk! xD



Fiverr’s BDay

So I’ve been invited to Fiverr’s birthday card design contest as “one of their top illustrators” (ha, I wish xD nice to hear though!)

And I made this:


Was going on two weeks trip around the Europe in one┬áday, so didn’t really have the time to think of something more creative x) It’s so unpolished, me kno me kno x))

Oh and yeah, obviously did not win, was not in the first ten either xD

So basically..

I’m still kinda stuck in that block thingie, those past few weeks I only doodled those unfinished pieces:

I’m not even halfway done and don’t think I want to finish them anytime soon, I’m just like so put down at the moment.. Welp, it will pass tho. Eventually.


So I chose to draw from this photo of my cousin, cas I felt like it would be a good practice for me (hair and greyscale).. Here’s the result:


And original photo:

Light Nata.jpg